About Us

Terry Dow-Harris is the owner and founder of Stornsja's Rooms in a Box. She is also the master décor specialist in charge of all décor designs. Terry signs off on all of the creations at our store-all pieces need to pass her inspection before they're offered for sale.
Our founder is passionate about decorating. She has an extensive background in retail, having been employed by several major retailers including:
Thompson Cigar - Casual Living, Family Dollar, Fingerhut
HomeGoods, K-Mart, Wal-Mart & Burlington Coat her more then 25-year span with these major retailers have gained her experience and knowledge along with exquisite taste 
Terry has used her more than 25 years of industry experience to come up with Stornsja's Room in a box. She learned the ins and outs of retail and the experience she gained has allowed her to grow as a retailer. 

Our goal is simple . To create an affordable way for our customers to purchase home decor and furniture . Our boxes come complete with everything that you would need to create the perfect room . While go out of way to create a box for everyone , we also sell products by the piece for those hard to please customers . We love that you love us . Because without you there is no us .


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